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How to style your bookshelf

When it comes to showcasing your personality in the home, there are few things that are more revealing than the way you style your bookshelf. Displaying your books and mementos on a bookshelf is an easy way to highlight your interests and life history – without filling the whole house with clutter.

So, what does your bookshelf organising style say about you?

Colour Coordination

Whether you’ve organised your books into a perfect rainbow gradient, or have opted to simply keep them colour blocked, chances are your home is almost always Instagram-ready and you live by the golden rule of ‘fashion over function’. 

While it might be a pain to completely reshuffle your bookshelves every time you add a new book to the collection, you definitely think it’s worth the effort to stay committed to your aesthetic – and it shows.

Pictured: Short and Wide Bookshelf

As a mostly visual creature, you’ve definitely said, “I can’t remember the name of the book, but it’s blue,” at least once or twice in your life.

Alphabetical Order

Keeping your books in alphabetical order is a tried and true method that works in libraries across the world for a reason, and why fix something if it isn’t broken? 

Sure, this style of organising your books might not look as striking as your colour-coordinated counterparts, but you appreciate a little order in your life. Instead of spending hours trying to remember if a specific book was green or red, you’d much rather be reading, thank you very much.

More detail-oriented than most, you enjoy the logical nature of your book organisation and the perfection of having matching full sets of book series placed together.

Maximum Decor

From lush indoor plants to trinkets collected from all across the world, your bookshelf is a celebration of your adventures through life. After all, who wants to look at books when they could be looking at the vintage sculptures you purchased in Venice?

In amongst chic coffee table books and dog-eared copies of your favourite novels, your bookshelf has been transformed into the perfect display that showcases who you are, and what you love – because that’s what truly matters.

While books are nice to have, it’s important mementos (and probably polaroids) that take pride of place in your heart, and you want to make sure everyone knows that.

Fill it to the brim

For the avid book reader, it is a truth that is universally acknowledged that there’s no such thing as ‘too many books’, which is how you ended up with books stacked on top of books, stuffed into every available space left on the shelf. 

Your bookshelf may have begun with some semblance of an orderly system, but your passion for reading has quickly overtaken your ability to keep everything under control. 

Of course, if anyone asks, there is definitely a method to the madness. In between reading everything under the sun, we’re sure you also know exactly where each and every book you own is currently stowed away. It may look chaotic, but it’s organised chaos.

Christina Rae is a Senior Writer at Homes to Love, one of Australia’s leading online design destinations.

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