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How to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Thinking about sustainability and eco-friendly alternatives when it comes to your home, in today’s day and age, is as important as ever. As a planet, we all have to step up and do our bit, which is often easier than thought. 

At Koala, we believe in reducing needless waste. So, as a business, we cannot survive unless the planet does too. Our targets and policies push us to protect endangered species and habitats, increasingly source certified sustainable and recycled materials, and preserve natural resources.


Here are some easy and effective ways to organise your home so it is as eco-friendly as it can be.

Buy Recycled or Timeless Furniture

Buying recycled furniture is in vogue right now, as it’s not only helping the environment, but it looks fantastic! Increasingly, items are going to market that are made from recycled wood and other materials which prove to be more eco-friendly than buying new. 

At Koala, we believe wholeheartedly in reducing needless waste. Thus, designing a number of quality, on-trend yet timeless products that are certified sustainable and recyclable. We don’t make products that only suit the trend this year but products that suit your lifestyle for years to come, and backed with a solid full warranty.

Source: @bunnybernice

All our wood we use is FSC certified, all textiles are made of sustainably sourced eucalyptus TENCEL, and we use no harmful chemicals to produce any of our products.

Paint Job 

When painting your space, opt for water-based paints that contain natural pigments. The majority of paints currently used in most home decor jobs are oil-based, which isn’t as eco-friendly viable. It can also be said that water-based paints are more aesthetically pleasing.

Green Cleaning

I know it can be hard to switch from your favourite detergents and cleaning products; you know, the ones that are trusty, smell good and do the job? But have you ever stopped to think of the harm these products and its ingredients can be doing to the environment? When washed down the drain, they run through to the water supply. It then takes a lot more energy to purify the water at its treatment centre. 

Simple changes like using bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice or vinegar can all be substituted for harsh bleach and detergent – these natural ingredients will also continue to kill bacteria and leave homes grease and odour free.

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

Steam cleaners are also a great way to go about cleaning your home in an eco-friendly manner!

Compost Food Waste

Very rarely do we take into consideration the amount of food scraps that are thrown to waste each and every night. A great way to utilise these scraps is to invest in a compost system, which can sit in your backyard. Any leftover foods can be placed into these compost bins and left to be. Over time, it will turn into useful compost that can then be used in the garden. 

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