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How to clean the WFH desk

Life can be messy so we designed our WFH desk to be easily cleanable.

Why it’s important 

A clean workspace makes you happier, and more productive. Clutter in the workspace leads to make stress, and anxiety. One study by the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute saw that “our brains like order, and that constant visual reminders of disorganization drain our cognitive resources and reduce our ability to focus” then when they cleaned the workspace, the participants were able to focus, process information, and increased productivity. 

How we designed the WFH desk to reduce clutter

We know that clutter overwhelms people which leads to procrastination, and increased stress so we designed the WFH desk with simple but effective features to maximise your work day.

The WFH desk is lightweight with storage hooks for bags or cables underneath, cable management at the rear of the workbench, and an antimicrobial worktop.

The worktop is made of hand-finished and sanded high-quality birch veneer with a  UV stable powder coat finish that is free of VOCs. 

How to clean the WFH desk

The WFH desk was designed to be sturdy which included making it UV Powder coated so it is hard and durable. However, just like all surface coatings, the UV powder coated WFH desk is not impervious to the effects of careless cleaning involving abrasive cloths and some aggressive cleaning compounds.

It’s not difficult to clean the WFH desk but you need to care for it properly.

For general maintenance, we recommend dusting on a regular basis to prevent build-up of dirt and dust.

Any spills and marks should be cleaned up as quickly as possible so they do not set or dry into the surface of the WFH desk. For light spills or marks you can use a damp clean, microfibre style cloth or soft cotton rag. 

For more stubborn marks we recommend using a mild soapy-water solution then drying with a soft cloth. If you do need to use a cleaning agent for stubborn stains, we recommend SPRAY n WIPE or Windex. You can clean off these stubborn stains by applying firm pressure with the cleaning agent over the entire area in a circular motion then immediately following with a lightly water-dampened cloth and buff dry. The cleaning agent must be applied to the cleaning cloth but never directly on the surface of the WFH desk.

In no circumstances should you use abrasive cleaning products like bleach, ammonia, acid,  abrasive powders like baking soda, caustic products, acetone, thonnes, or MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) and similar hydrocarbons, oven cleaners, wire wool, scouring pads or sandpaper, as well as expose the WFH desk to damp or wet environments, as this may damage the finish of the product.

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