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Happy B Corp Anniversary to us!

From day one Koala set out to disrupt the furniture industry while also being a force for good. 

We didn’t want to just “do no harm” when producing our products. We knew we had to make a conscious effort to consistently do good in any way we could. We aren’t perfect, but one thing we know with absolute certainty is that we want to continuously strive to be a business that fulfils the characteristics required of a B Certified company.

“Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.” B Corporations

And for us, being an ethical company was non-negotiable.


We consider the impact of our decisions on our workers, customers, suppliers, community and the environment.  

Co-Founder Mitch Taylor knows the importance of  Corporate Responsibility:

“First and foremost as citizens we have a responsibility to provide better outcomes for society and the natural world. Under our current political and economic systems, citizens can make a positive contribution through how and what they consume. And as a business, we can try our best to only produce ethical and sustainable products, that offer the same if not better experiences. Basically, we’ve got a duty to provide the best outcomes we can with the resources we have at our disposal, not just look for a short term economic gain but long term holistic success.”

So what does Koala do to live by these values?

It starts with our desire to produce ethical, sustainable goods that last. 

Two of our product team

We always source, and choose the best possible materials to design our products so that they can withstand daily use, are safe for all people, and do not damage the environment. When we find these materials we ensure they go through rigorous user testing, and laboratory testing. These materials include using Good Environmental Choice label certified foam in our mattresses, CERTIPUR-us certified pillows, FSC certified timber, and FSC certified linen.

We also consider the end of life of our products

All of returned products are either being thoroughly cleaned then donated to one of our 35 charity partners across Australia or taken apart by the materials to be recycled.

We want to protect our endangered species

One of our founding missions was to ‘adopt’ a koala with every mattress sold through the World Wildlife Fund, and it’s this commitment to doing good that has enabled us to donate over $1 million dollars towards environmental projects. 

It’s obvious we love our koalas but we also know there are other animals that need a helping hand. 

Our Co-founder Mitch Taylor with the WWF

As part of a collaborative project with WWF we are trying to save our favourite lil flippers – the green sea turtles – from extinction. The Great Barrier Reef is a national icon that’s in a lot of trouble at the moment. 

Due to climate change, green turtles are threatened from extinction as 99% of them are female. Together we are working on solutions to cool down the sand temperature that determines the gender so we can get more male turtles so their species can survive. 

We’re a pretty fun place to work 

If you’re lucky enough to land a job at Koala you will be welcomed into a community of those who genuinely care for others.


It’s an important part of our company culture to foster a great community of talented people by providing benefits that keep them happy, and productive. We do things like Friyays where we do activities together, have mental health benefits, allow pets to frolic through the office daily, provide free products to staff, organise corporate discounts, host fortnightly staff giveaways, have an educational allowance so we can seek further skill building, and a fully stocked kitchen with a weekly Woolies order so there’s never a hungry tummy in the building.

We care about our customers as people who we can help not just as people with money

We like to think we offer our customers not only an affordable and ethical choice when thinking about furniture but that we improve their day with our unique and warm customer service. 

Koala was recently awarded 1st Place in the Customer Happiness Awards of 2019 for ‘Effortless Experience’, and it’s no secret why!

Providing exceptional customer support has been an integral part of Koala from the very beginning. We sure that all correspondences are attended to as quick as possible while maintaining a high level of professionalism, integrity, and Aussie banter where possible! 

We encourage other businesses to join us

Supporting B Corp organisations, and encouraging businesses to become B certified is a small step that has a big impact. Plus, if Ben and Jerrys as well as Patagonia can do it there is no reason other large corporations can’t as well.  

So shop wisely, challenge the norm and look after our planet!

Because you’re doing well by doing good.

What else is Koala recognised for?

I’m glad you asked! Check out this blog post which explains all of our other awards and certifications!


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