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Forgotten areas of the home you must clean

Now you have more time at home to give the house a good clean, it’s time to make sure no spot gets left behind! If cleaning means mostly chasing dust bunnies under the couches and getting your double French doors sparkly clean, you’re likely doing only half the job. Here are several common places in your house that accumulate dust and dirt but tend to be forgotten about.


You need to rotate your mattress every six months but don’t forget to clean it too! Just because it is always covered with clean sheets (and hopefully a mattress protector) doesn’t mean it stays clean. Dust and dead skins can still make their way through these protective layers and accumulate on the surface of your mattress. Vacuum your mattress with an upholstery attachment. Remove any stains with the help of baking soda or another natural cleaning agent.

Upholstered furniture

And while you’re at it, don’t remove the upholstery attachment from your vacuum. Go and vacuum all your other upholstered furniture. Don’t forget to get under and between cushions and into all the creases to really get all those cookie crumbs out once and for all (or at least until next spring). Remove and wash all the cushion and sofa covers if they’re washable, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Air vent covers

If you want your A/C to not spread dust around the room you better clean the air vents from time to time. Turn off the heat or A/C, vacuum them up then wipe up with a dry microfiber cloth. Avoid using moisture here as it can make matters worse. 

Ceiling fans and light fixtures

Hopefully, you’re going to get a lot of use out of your fans soon enough when the weather warms up, so you might want to get them clean before that. Get up on the ladder and vacuum up the bulk off the dust first, then wipe with a slightly damp cloth. Do it before cleaning the rest of the room to avoid the dust from settling in on your clean upholstery.

And while you’re up there don’t forget to wipe the light fixtures (of course turn off the lights first) with a damp cloth. If they are really grimy remove them and give them a good rinse in a soapy water then dry them up well with a cloth.

Blinds and curtains

Curtains and drapes can be easily cleaned with a vacuum or put in a delicate cycle in the washing machine if needed (check the care instructions first – they may be dry clean only).

Blinds can be dusted then wiped down with vinegar and water

Top of window frames

Proud of yourself for never forgetting to clean the baseboards? What about that little ledge up there that is the top of the window frame? Get up on a ladder and behold the built up dust and grime. Wipe it with a damp cloth.


Squeaky clean countertops give you the feeling of fulfillment? We bet you’re forgetting about the backsplash area. The areas behind your kitchen sink and bathroom faucet can get very grimy very quickly and nobody will know. Use an old toothbrush to get into those crevices and you’ll see just how much yucky stuff comes out of there.

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