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Everything you need to know about mattress sizes in Australia

Whether you’ve recently relocated or are furnishing your new home for the first time, you may be wondering what size mattress you need and what options are available to you. In your excitement to throw out your old mattress or finally upgrade from a single bed, you don’t want to rush into a purchase and end up on the wrong size. In addition to making sure the dimensions work for you, certain sizes may be more suitable for different situations. Read on to find out about common mattress size options in Australia and which one may work for you. 

If you want to skip the descriptions, here’s a handy reference chart–including imperial measurements!

Mattress Size Dimensions (cm) Imperial (in)
Single 188cm x 92cm 74in x 36in
King Single 203cm x 107cm 80in x 42in
Double 188cm x 138cm 74in x 54in
Queen 203cm x 153cm 80in x 60in
King 203cm x 183cm  80in x 72in

Single Bed & Mattress Size

The smallest of common bed sizes is the single. A single mattress (or a twin if you’re from the United States) will typically measure from 90-92cm in width and 187-190cm in length. The Koala single mattress is 188cm long and 92cm wide with a depth of 23cm. If you’re shopping for a single mattress for a small space, remember you’ll need slightly more room if you are using a bed frame, headboard or footboard. 

When to Buy a Single Mattress?

Single mattresses make a fantastic first bed for a toddler who has graduated from his crib. Single beds also work well for shared children’s rooms and are the standard size for bunk beds. If you have a mixed-use room–such as an office with a daybed–a single bed might be your best choice as well. 

King Single Bed & Mattress Size

A king single bed is slightly longer and wider than a standard single. The dimension of a king single mattress is generally 107cm wide and 203cm in length, which is the size of the Koala king single. It is also 23cm deep. This size mattress also does well in tight spaces, but it better suited for a full grown adult. 

When to Buy a King Single Mattress?

A king single may be a good option if you’re outfitting your first flat and want to save money or don’t have room for a double. Since this mattress is long enough for most adults, it would also work well in a guest room. 

Double Bed & Mattress Sizes

A double bed (which is sometimes called a full bed in the U.S.) is actually the same length as a single. A double mattress typically measures 137-138cm wide and 187-188cm long. The Koala double mattress is 188cm x 138cm x 23cm. 

When to Buy a Double Mattress?

This in-between size is great for older children and guest rooms. It can comfortably accommodate many adults and even a couple in a pinch, but remember your taller houseguests might be more comfortable on a queen or even a king single mattress because of the extra length. 

Queen Bed & Mattress Size

The most common mattress size is the queen. The dimensions of a queen bed are approximately 203cm long x 153cm wide. It is the same length as the king single and single mattress, making it suitable for adults and couples. 

When to Buy a Queen Mattress?

Queen beds are the most popular because they work for most adults who have enough space. It’s also a good option for couples (especially with Koala’s zero disturbance mattress technology). If you’re upgrading your mattress or outfitting a new bedroom, this is probably your best option. Don’t forget a frame or bed base to complete the space. 

King Bed & Mattress Size

The king mattress is the largest standard bed sizes you will see at Australian retailers. The dimensions of a king mattress are typically 203cm long x 183cm wide. This is the size of the Koala king mattress

When to Buy a King Mattress?

The king mattress is the same length as the queen, but about 30cm wider. It’s perfect for couples and adults who like a little extra room. 

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