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Essential Purchases for First Time Renters


If you’re a first-time renter, the moving process – as exciting as it is – can prove quite the daunting task. The most important aspect to your transition from out of home, however, is being prepared for the basics; you want to live comfortably.

Here to make life a little bit easier, we’ve collated a list of essential purchases in making your out-of-home experience all the more easier.

The Bed 

Some may consider the most essential item in your home, your bed is a big part of your life, especially within the four walls of your rental space. If you think about it, you spend most time in it, so it should not only be comfortable, but it should match your surroundings effortlessly.

Koala make things easier when it comes to finding the perfect bed, with an easy to try, easy to move, and easy to buy philosophy. Not only that, but Koala mattresses and bed frames are incredibly affordable.

With a 4 hour delivery, and a 120-night trial, you really don’t have anything to lose!

The Sofa

One of the main focal points to your new rental, the sofa is an important item that, like the bed, will get a lot of use. 

Opt for a simple yet stylish design, with practicality in mind. Sofas that turn into a pull out bed are a great option, as are futons; essentially, multi-functional items.

Again, Koala offer an extremely comfortable sofa that can be assembled in 4 minutes without screws or tools so say goodbye to the 16 week wait from traditional retailers!

The Dining Table

The age-old question: do you opt for a long, rectangle dinner table, or a circular one? There are pros and cons to both, and it really does depend on the space that you are living in.

Round or circular tables tend to save space as well as offering a more interactive dynamic with dinner guests.

Long tables offer more table space, as may work better in apartments or homes that are not as wide in size.

The table is where all your meals will be had, so ensure it’s appealing and practical.

The Coffee Table

The space to show your culture, the coffee table is a great conversation starter. Pop your best reads on this table, or utilise it as a place drinks and nibbles when entertaining. Keep it looking pretty with stylish coasters.

Kitchen Utensils

This is a no-brainer, as with important kitchen goods, you’re halfway to mastering a legendary meal. Ensure that you’re well prepared for whatever meal you prepare, be it for your day-to-day or when catering for guests.

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