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Do you know what it takes to make furniture with GOOD WOOD?

At Koala, we make sure the furniture we create is environmentally friendly through responsible processes. This includes our hard furnishings, and furniture with wooden components.

Take for example, our new range of bookshelves which is made using PEFC Certified timber. We’ve spoken before about how the wood in our sofa, and sofa bed are FSC certified here.

Source @bon.avenoir

Is FSC and PEFC the same?

The Forest Stewardship CouncilTM (FSC) and Programmme for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC) are very similar

Both are committed to the certification of forests to credible, independently verified standards of responsible forest management, and assurance that the supplier is not using wood from unacceptable sources. They are internationally recognised as a certification of sustainable forestry management, and sustainable supply chain for any product that uses wood as a raw material. In the words of PEFC “while PEFC and FSC share the same goals, they choose different routes to get there.”

The main difference is that FSC has Principles and Criteria set on an international level for all forests, temperate, tropical and boreal, natural forests and plantations. FSC encourages their international Principles and Criteria to be developed into national standards of forest management in each country or region which interpret them.

Meanwhile PEFC is an “umbrella organisation and mutual recognition scheme of national standards” with “Sustainability Benchmarks on globally recognised principles, guidelines and criteria developed by international and inter-governmental bodies with broad consensus from interested stakeholders”.

What does it mean for us to have PEFC certification?

The Earth is our home. We believe that simply doing ‘no harm’ isn’t good enough and business can only thrive if society and nature also thrive. 

The PEFC certification means the wood used has come from a sustainably managed forest through a rigorous assessment that confirms it was developed in line with PEFC requirements, and meets the criteria within their international benchmark standards.

By having the PEFC certification for the wood used in our bookshelves, we help look out for the planet while you get to look for a new book to dive into! 

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