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Decorative Hacks to Open up a Bedroom 

No matter how large your bedroom is (standard in Australia is now 3 x 3m – suitable for a double bed) you will be happy to hear there are some clever and simple ways to create a sense of space and openness. The Koala mattress comes in all six Australian standard sizes so take the time to measure up the space and consider which is best for you. If your room is tighter on floor space, you will need to have the “bed area v floor area” debate to decide. The beauty of the Koala mattress is it offers zero partner disturbance, so if a double is best for your space you can sleep easier with a partner on this clever mattress option. Feel free to try it out for 120 days and see if that size works- who else can offer that in the mattress shops!?? 

Our top tips for opening up a space: 

Go low profile: both the Koala mattress and the Timber Bed Base are low in profile meaning you’re not inundated with bed as soon as you enter the room. Taller beds and tall bedheads are likely to feel overwhelming. 

Go simple with colours: Imagine your bedroom is a soft fluffy cloud and you will sleep like a baby! Whites, grey, blues, soft pinks, charcoals and dove grey are all colours you would associate with clouds so stick to these colours. The range of Koala sheets are pretty colour perfect and they are made of eucalyptus Tencel! All you 90’s babies say yeah!!! You’re never going to want to get out of bed with these! 

Think about your height: This is not the height of your sexy partner but the height of your walls and how you can use them to “open up the space” ideas such as curtains or sheers dropped from the ceiling (even if you window doesn’t go to the roof), adding a larger scale print over your bed (don’t use bedhead and artwork its one or the other if you are creating a sense of space) floor lamps as opposed to standard bedside lamps gain height and throw the light down opening up the space. Leaning mirrors are a super easy hack for bouncing light, showing off height. 

Think about your storage in new ways. Creating space means less clutter so get clever with hiding the crap (the Koala timber bed base bedhead actually lets you hide your pillows away when you’re not using them- genius hack). Other ideas include: 

Make your bedsides work for you: simple tray top bedsides are sweet and cheaper, but the ideal lets you have a drawer or two. Keep these symmetrical if you are aiming for visual harmony and calming vibe. The eye naturally feels at ease with symmetry. Same goes for your bedside lamps.

Under the bed storage – The Koala Timber Bed Base has plenty of storage space underneath for boxes, extra linen and the tennis racquet you never use. The Koala mattress is light too so lifting will be a dream. 

Decorative hooks – You don’t need the standard wooden hat rack vibe these days you can find simple stand-alone hooks that can elegantly hold a simple vignette such as your favourite bag, smartest coat and a winter scarf. All look much better hanging on the wall than laying on the floor. 

Finally– please please please let the light shine in and add some nature!! The saddest thing about bedrooms I see as a stylist is when the windows are so attached to the blockout blinds that they cannot break up during the day. Open it up, add a real life plant and embrace so nature in your space! The guys behind Koala our doing their bit for nature with their real adoption certificate from WWF in your delivery page! Yep, that’s right, as you snuggle up be grateful for your non-ozone depleting substance mattress along with the peace of mind that you have contributed to the adoption of a real-life Koala! I rest my case. 

About the Writer

Sara Chamberlain is the co-founder and director of Australia’s favourite property styling business- The Real Estate Stylist. Sara started her career as a stylist for linen and bedding brands and has now installed over 1500 homes for sale. That’s at least 3000 beds so she knows her way around a good bedroom!!

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