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Communication tips for couples when you’re both #WFH

Couples everywhere have been facing a different dynamic of living and working from home together, day in, day out. Going from feeling like you never get enough time with your partner, to, too much time, this can affect your relationship. This change in lifestyle can cause some friction, especially if you’re not used to being around each other all the time. The close working quarters can make you feel easily annoyed or irritable, which is why effective communication is important and valuable.

Below are some tips and helpful ways you can effectively communicate with your partner to keep the peace.

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Talk about space

If lack of personal space can become an issue when both of you are working from home, with limited room, however take a proactive approach and initiate a conversation about one another’s needs from the start. This sets the boundaries and head space for when you’re both working and is agreed upon to give each other the space needed. Sometimes friction can arise because one person is in a bad mood, and the other wants to fix it. However sometimes, it’s space that is the fix.

Check in with each others needs

It is as simple as asking your partner what they need for the day. The needs in your relationship should be an ongoing conversation and ensuring you and your partner’s needs are fulfilled, can be helpful in making each other aware.


Be on the same page

Very simple, but can be effective is to know what each other’s day looks like. Share your calendar or what you have on for the day with each other, that way you can have insight into what the other person’s day or week looks like to plan around those moments and assist when needed.


The key to keeping communication lines healthy, is to empathise with your partner. Be aware and make sure that your approach to dealing with any issues begins with putting yourself in their shoes and trying to understand where they’re coming from. Empathise with their feelings, then see if they would like help with the problem solving.

Pick Your Battles

To keep things as peaceful and calm as possible, it is essential to choose which discussions are really worth the energy. Sometimes, you need to let things slide to avoid the tensions that may not even be needed. We are in emotionally challenging times, so focus on the important things and bring up any concerns gently. Working from home can increase opportunities of misinterpretation, so enter conversations with neutral intention.

The key to remember is that you’re in this together and by small communication changes, and mindset shifts, you can strengthen as a team. Communication, has always been a key for any relationship, so it is important that you know each other’s needs and just be more mindful of each others emotions in these strange times.

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