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A textured cream rug with timber bed base on top, covered with linen bedding and a yellow throw About You

Gift Ideas | Buy them something they’ll actually love

Gifts for her, gifts for him, gifts for them…wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, Christmas gifts, housewarming gifts. Overwhelming. Expensive. We know….

Beautiful new mattress on timber bed frame in modern bedroom, purchased after the owner realised their previous mattress need to be replaced About You

Tired of your old mattress? It might be time for a new one

How long does a mattress last? We see you. You’re lying in bed and thinking, Ow, my back hurts. Will…

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Need to get rid of a mattress? Here’s the lowdown on how

How to get rid of a mattress Unlike a fine bottle of red, mattresses sadly don’t get better with age….

A Koala mattress on a bed next to a Koala mattress delivery box after someone has bought the mattress online About You

Buying a mattress online | Everything you need to know

Why you need to buy your next mattress online Got a spare few hours up your sleeve? We didn’t think…

Woman lying on her side in bed, clearly enjoying a sleep in a room that’s at the best temperature for sleep About You

What’s the best temperature for sleep? We have the answer

What is the best temperature for sleep? There are lots of reasons why you might not be getting a great…

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Don’t stress about the spills | Here’s how to clean a mattress

How to clean a mattress We’ve all been there. You wake up and you’ve bled through onto your sheets. Or…

Man in yellow t-shirt lying down on a mattress trying to figure out if it’s the best mattress for him About You

Buying a mattress? | Find out which is the best for you

What is the best mattress for me? We get it. There are plenty of things you’d rather be doing than…

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5 reasons why you should choose a Koala wool rug

Designing with sustainability in mind is at the core of Koala’s values. This starts from the materials we use, all…

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What is a coverlet and here is why you need it

Le Earlier this year, Koala unveiled a brand new product: introducing the Le Linen Coverlet. But you may be asking…