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Great in bed – Six Koala innovations you need to know about

Here at Koala, we make some pretty cool stuff and we’re damn proud of it. So we’ve pulled together a…

Mother koala on tree with baby koala on back About Us

‘Koalas are officially endangered—Here’s what we’re doing about it’

One of the most iconic animals in Australia – the koala – is one step closer to extinction. The Australian…

Pillows on bed About Us

Four reasons people love the Koala Pillow

A good pillow is essential to a good night’s sleep. When it comes to pillows, it’s hard to beat our…

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5 things to consider when purchasing a sofa online

Couch feeling a little crusty? Sectional seen better days? Lounge longing for some love? Alright, you probably get the drift….

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Which Koala sofa is right for you?

Sofas are never just sofas. They’re where you want to face plant after a long day, snuggle your SO (or fur…

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The making of the brand new Koala Mattress Range | Q&A

With our brand new Koala Mattress Range finally here, jam-packed with years of know-how and how-did-they-do-it, we sat down with…

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Designing the brand new Koala Mattress Range | Q&A

Seven years ago we released our OG Koala Mattress, and since then we’ve been hard at work to improve every…

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Why we created our brand new Koala Mattress Range

Since we launched our OG Mattress back in 2015, the mattress-in-a-box industry has boomed, and we’ve boomed with it, using…

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Some of our manufacturing is done offshore. Here’s why.

At Koala, it’s always been important for us to be a globally aware and environmentally responsible business. Our founders started…