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Behind the scenes: Why we designed three new sofas

We’ve always been about creating stylish, meaningful and conscious products that serve a purpose, so when we decided to make a sofa, we designed it to be an MVP—an answer to all manner of living room set ups. It all started with the Lounging Sofa, our perfect all-rounder, the OG. 

But if that’s the case, you might wonder why we felt the need to design any other sofa styles. Couldn’t we just call it a day? 

Yes, we could have, but a) we’re overachievers and b) 2020 has been a year. We realised that there were more specific ways we could be of service to you, our customers—ways which became glaringly apparent with our rapidly changing world.

The global pandemic caused us to reflect on the fact that with everyone spending so much more time marinating in their home, it’s so important that the furniture you own fits your particular space and needs like a glove.

What if you live in a small space with a similarly small budget, but don’t want to sacrifice style? What about those of us who need our sofas to be as adaptable as a Swiss Army Knife? And what if the sleek look isn’t really your jam and you prefer a classic feel?

These questions were answered with our three latest designs: the Compact, Modern and Coastal ranges.

“We developed three new ranges in record time to give our customers more options that would better suit their needs,” explains Kellie Hawkins, Koala’s Manager of Product.

“Each product has its own key selling points which make it easy to decide what is best for your current situation.” 

So what’s right for you?

The Compact

Compact Sofa in Tucker Bag

The compact sofa sits at the axis of affordability and chic design. 

“Focusing on the contemporary apartment, this sofa offers maximum comfort within a compact space,” explains Demetre Tryfiatis, Koala’s Manager of Design. 

“The upholstery is exceptionally soft to the touch in contrast to its tight, sleek form, creating a pared-back look which smuggles in a luxurious finish and feel.”

Kellie says that the Compact sofa is for those who are price conscious and limited on space, “because you don’t have to choose between affordability and style.”

The Modern

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Modern Sofa in Hawky

When you ask, we listen. Enter our modular offering—the sofa that’s as dynamic as you are.

“It makes sense to have a sofa that can grow with us and fit within our lives as we live them,” says Demetre. 

“The modular nature of this sofa gives the freedom to configure to suit your needs so you can stretch out or curl up—with your partner, kids, friends, family and fur-babies.”

Kellie explains that this range allows you the flexibility and range to build a sofa that suits your lifestyle and space. 

“If the three-seater is not what you want and you are dreaming of an L-shape sectional or chaise feature, these are all options you can select from our Modern range.”

The Coastal

Coastal Sofa in Billabong

Classics have staying power for a reason. If you love taking time out in deep, wide seats, the Coastal will be right up your alley. 

“The Coastal sofa is for those with classic styling at heart,” says Kellie. “It’s a style that is more relaxed yet will suit any home from a Federation through to a modern apartment.”

In addition to a three-seater sofa, there’s a matching armchair to really bring your space together in a subtle way. And relaxation really is at the heart of this design.

“The proportions have been pulled low, deep and wide to ensure that whatever position you sit in, is the right position to stretch out and sink in,” adds Demetre.

It’s also important to note that this sofa style is a cut above the rest when it comes to other flatpack or ‘knockdown’ sofas on the market. 

“Traditionally, ‘knockdown sofas’ are small in size and flimsy. The coastal sofa is extremely deep, unlike most,” explains Kellie.

All of Koala’s sofas are made with sustainable, quality materials and are easy to assemble and disassemble, making moving homes or even between rooms a breeze. We also have fast and flexible delivery, a 120-night trial and five-year warranty. 

Plus, with every Koala sofa you buy, you also make a symbolic turtle adoption. Learn more about our Turtle Project here.

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