The Stunner Sofa Bed in Limestone
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Behind the design: why we created the Stunner Sofa Bed

Here at Koala; simplicity, style and sustainability are at the core of all we do, and we learn and iterate with each new product we proudly bring to you. So when it came to creating our newest baby, the Stunner Sofa Bed, there were a few non-negotiable elements from our award-winning sofa beds that we had to implement:

👏 No-tools, no-brainer assembly. This is an Allen-key-free zone.

⏳ Takes you from sit to sleep in literal seconds – no back-breaking transitions here! 

🌳 Created using only FSC-certified wood – the world thanks us (and you!) for using Forest Stewardship Council-approved timber.

All of these are excellent bones, but with this one, we wanted to go bigger. And we reckon we’ve cracked this nut.

The bane of any entertainer’s existence is the typical, flimsy pull out sofa bed. You slip off when sitting, and notice your guests attempting to release knots created by the steel bar sticking into their back after an evening of sleeping on the so-called “sofa&bed”. We hear you and reckon we’ve created the best sofa bed in Australia: the summit of sofa beds, if you will. 

So… what’s different about the Stunner Sofa Bed?

The Stunner Sofa Bed in Limestone
The Stunner Sofa Bed in Limestone

It’s elevated. Literally.  

Our Koala Sofa Bed, Cushy (and even the McGowan Sofa Bed!) are up there with our most-loved products of all time – but we heard you when you said you’d prefer it didn’t lay flush to the ground. 

So, we made sure the Stunner Sofa Bed replicated a traditional pull out sofa bed and elevated it from the floor. This is something new for us, and means the Stunner replicates the feeling of being in a real bed and makes it a helluva lot easier to get in and out of! 

As with all of our sofa beds, the Stunner has no hard bits or painful poles and turns into a mattress truly worthy of sleeping on every night. Read any Koala Sofa Bed review – our customers continuously tell us we’ve created the most comfortable sofa bed in Australia. 

The Stunner Sofa Bed in Limestone
The Stunner Sofa Bed in Limestone

It boasts an in-built storage solution 

A true unicorn: a super-comfy sofa, that converts into a mattress-grade sofa bed, with ultra-wide storage drawers underneath. Heaven is a place on earth. 

Show us a household in Australia that couldn’t do with more storage, and we’ll show you a big fat fibber. Designed with the modern, messy family in mind, we’ve maximised every inch of the Stunner Sofa Bed and are really stoked with this innovative storage solution. 

These storage drawers are perfect for tucking away your spare linen before it is time to make up the 2 seater sofa bed for your guests. Or any pesky loose toys. Or snacks. We don’t discriminate. 

The Stunner Sofa Bed in Kakadu
The Stunner Sofa Bed in Kakadu

It’s life-proof

More than just good looks, the Stunner Sofa Bed is literally as tough as steel and covered in a premium, stain-resistant fabric designed to go the distance. And the colours! The three shades are brand-new to Koala’s range and sure to add the finishing touch to lounge rooms and spare rooms around the country. 

The steel frame core can withstand most any tumble and tackle whilst maintaining optimum comfort as a sofa or fold out sofa bed. 

Our Koala-exclusive fabric is made from recycled fabric that is tough as nails yet super-soft to the touch. We’ve tested it. And tested it. Juice proof, wine proof, life proof! 

The Stunner Sofa Bed in Billy
The Stunner Sofa Bed in Billy

It’s small but mighty (and stylish) 

We designed the Stunner to be worth its weight in eucalyptus and warrant every millimetre of space it occupies.  Ideal for living or rumpus rooms, it folds out to a double sofa bed which means it’s small enough that it won’t crowd out your spaces but big enough so you can stretch out in your sleep. 

As a plot twist, you’ll sleep sideways rather than lengthways on this double sofa bed! Gotta keep it fresh, y’know. 

The Stunner Sofa Bed in Billy
The Stunner Sofa Bed in Billy

It’s the better way to buy furniture

One-nighters ain’t it. We reckon it’s ridiculous to expect Aussies to commit to something as huge as purchasing furniture after sitting on it for mere minutes in-store. 

That’s why we give you 120 nights to try it out in your own home. Don’t adore it? Send it back for a full product refund. Buying a sofa bed online really is the only way to do it! 

Interested in learning more? Click here for all the info on our 120-night trial. 

Ready to take a squiz yourself?

Excellent decision-making! Click here to say hello to the Stunner Sofa Bed. 


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