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Air purifying plants for a healthy and happy WFH setup

Warning for addicted plant-parents: This article is full of excuses to buy more houseplants.

Houseplants and happiness

Have you ever wondered why every modern office you visit is filled with a variety of different plants instead of the grey walls and cubicles shown in TV office-settings? Why has Apple’s Silicon Valley HQ planted almost 9,000 trees around their campus, and Amazon’s contains over 40,000 plants from around the world? 

Through research, businesses have realised that surrounding employees with greenery has shown to increase happiness amongst workers as well as boost productivity compared to work environments without plants. What’s more, plants are incredibly effective at improving air quality, pulling toxins out of the air for good – a benefit not to be overlooked for both office spaces and your home.

The original air purifier

When looked after correctly, plants absorb CO2 as well as pollution in the air, and in return they produce clean oxygen for us to breathe. This presents a simple equation (and a great excuse to buy even more houseplants): more plants = more clean oxygen. Easy. This is especially important as we get into the coldest part of the year where we generally stay inside with the heater cranked and the windows and doors closed.

Not only are plants a silent and beautiful alternative to a plug-in air purifier, they’re much more cost effective over time and have an overwhelmingly positive impact on the environment. 

So what do we do with this knowledge? Simple, take a positive step towards health and happiness and deck out your living space with a wide range of houseplants that suit your style. This doesn’t mean just buying a succulent and leaving it in a teacup on your WFH Desk – whether you’re already a serial plant collector, or a battler that can’t seem to keep a cactus alive, these houseplants all make excellent additions to your home.

Snake Plant

Don’t worry, it doesn’t bite. The Snake Plant’s sword-like, serpentine foliage is a beautiful addition to any bedroom or living space. It can grow to be quite skinny or fanned out depending on how you help it grow and its ability to survive on a small amount of water and low light makes it a perfect houseplant for anyone with a less than average green thumb.

Rubber Tree Plant

Another great option for buyers looking for a low maintenance splash of greenery in the house, the Rubber Tree Plant is one of the harder houseplants to kill. Although it prefers bright light, it’s ability to soak in food from varying levels of sunlight and infrequent watering allows it to hang in there with the most neglectful plant-parents. It’s glossy, dark, rubber-like leaves make for a great contrast in colour in rooms with a brighter colour scheme.


If you’ve ever followed a homewares instagram page, no doubt you would’ve seen this plant a million times. Also called a Swwiss Cheese Plant (we’ll let you draw the comparisons), the Monstera is an easy-going plant that requires moderate light and watering once a week. A watchout for pet owners though – cats and dogs may experience irritation from the leaves of this plant.


This plant is a dramatic addition to your living space, with thin, spiky foliage mixing green and a deep, subtle red. The Dracaena is a great way to fill up free space, growing to a height of three feet over time. For optimum growth, keep the soil lightly moist and sit your Dracaena near a window where it gets moderate light.

Each of these plants make a stunning pairing with our sleek and intuitive home office desks and chairs, fitting into any modern aesthetic that you’ve already cultivated. 

Helping the environment and easy on the eyes? It’s a big (green) thumbs up from us.

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