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How to adjust to your new mattress firmness

We’re all wired a little differently, so it’s no surprise that we sleep soundly in all types of ways. But whatever your height, weight or sleeping preference, we know there’s a Koala mattress to suit you.

Our mattresses have been designed for ultimate comfort, support and sweet dreams, but sometimes it takes time to adjust to a new one. We’ve put together this handy guide to explain just why that is.


How long does it take to adjust to a new mattress?

Many of our customers report getting a better sleep on their very first night! But for those who don’t feel the magic from day dot, don’t stress – we recommend sleeping on your new bed for at least 14 days to let your body adjust.

Time to decompress

Since we first started, our mattress in a box has come a long way, but it still does arrive in just that – a box (sometimes it comes in two!) Koala Mattresses are specially compressed for ease of shipping. This means it needs time to decompress when you take it out of the box.

It can take three to five days for the mattress to return to its correct shape and feel, but you can sleep on it right away. It will just get better over the first few days.

Compression or pre-crushing is actually great for foam. This compression removes any inconsistencies within the foam’s hardness and density. The level of compression within the Koala Mattress reduces the risk of body signatures and drastically increases the foam’s longevity.


If you’ve been sleeping on a bad mattress, chances are your body has been compensating and you might feel a little sore while you adjust to the comfort of a Koala. This is another reason we recommend waiting 14 days before deciding if your new mattress is the right fit for you.

How can I break in my new mattress?

The short answer is – sleep on it. Breaking in a new mattress will take some time and the only way to do that is by simply hitting some Zs on your new bed. Don’t forget – persistence is key! 

“It can take a few days for the foam to recover fully. You will find that the feel of the mattress firms up over this period. As with anything new, it may take a few days to adjust to a new mattress. That is why we recommend trying each side of the comfort layer for 3 nights.” says Koala Product Manager Steph Roberts-Baxter.

So how firm are Koala mattresses?

The New Koala Mattress 

We breathed a bit of life into our OG, and we’ve lovingly come up with The New Koala Mattress. Our customers reckon this is a bit of a sweet spot for a sound snooze.

If you were a fan of the OG, you’ll love the New Koala Mattress. It’s got 3 Zone support to prevent sinking and support you while you sleep. The flippable comfort layer gives you the flexibility to pick the right firmness level for you.  

The Calm As Mattress

Some people find memory foam mattresses will sink at the sides. The Koala Calm As Mattress has built-in edge support so you won’t be rolling out of bed anytime soon. Plus, it’s multi-layered 3 Zone support helps relieve pressure on your joints while you sleep.

Just like the New Koala Mattress, the Calm As Mattress features a flippable comfort layer. But with this one we went a step further. It also features a 1cm plush comfort layer meaning you get firm support no matter which side you choose. 

The Soul Mate Mattress

The Koala Soul Mate Mattress has all the tech for the most supportive sleep ever. It’s got adaptive Foam Springs that modifies to your body’s movements, 5 Zone support that contours to you, and of course edge support.

The special features don’t stop at the base. The Soul Mate has a 9cm flippable comfort layer with a luxurious 2cm plush cover. This means that whether you choose firm or soft, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

Custom Comfort explained

Custom comfort – it’s a claim that many mattress companies make, but Koala delivers. Every Koala mattress has a customisable comfort layer that you can simply unzip and flip to adjust to your preferences.

Koala’s 120 Night Trial 

Your peaceful sleep is our priority! If you feel like you’re still not happy with your new mattress after giving it a crack, we make returns easy. We offer a 120 night trial period for all products – full-price or on sale. If you’re not sold by 120 nights, you can return your product for a full refund, even if you’ve used it.

The return shipping is covered for all products in metro areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

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