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5 Easy Bedroom Styling Tips that won’t break the bank

Transforming your bedroom into an Instagram-worthy escape isn’t as hard as you might think, and it doesn’t have to cost the world, either. Short of painting the walls or buying fancy new furniture, there’s a number of tried and true decorating tricks that will instantly up the style stakes in your boudoir without breaking the bank.

Start with the sheets

It seems like a no brainer, but the bulkiest piece of furniture in any bedroom is always the bed. No matter what decor or furniture you’ve chosen, playing around with your bedding will dramatically update the way your bedroom looks.

Mix and match your sheets and pillowcases by pairing complementary colours, textural tones, or even introducing a vibrant pattern to quickly transform your bed. For example, why not pair a white flat sheet with a navy duvet cover?

Back to nature

There’s no greater way to freshen up the way your bedroom looks than by introducing an indoor plant (or five). From a petite and low-maintenance succulent to the more ambitious fiddle leaf fig, introducing some greenery adds a dreamy bit of nature to any room.

Make sure you place your plants in a part of the room where they will receive ample natural light, and don’t forget to water them on a semi-regular basis. For a bigger visual impact, try clustering several plants together in a small vignette – and don’t forget to house your plants in a chic planter, too.

Cushion Crush

When it comes to both the sofa and the bed it seems like everyone has an opinion on whether or not there’s such a thing as having ‘too many cushions’. 

While we’re not saying you have to go and raid your nearest Bed, Bath and Table, adding just one statement cushion to your bed can add a striking pop to your bedroom. 

Credit @bunnybernice

Play around with different shapes and textures like velvets and satins with your hero cushions for a major contrast – just make sure they won’t clash with your existing bedding.

Frame it up

Whether you’re still showing off your vintage Star Wars posters or have amassed a lifetime’s worth of Polaroids, it’s time to take your cherished wall art to the next level. Adding a picture frame to your wall art is an easy way to instantly add a sophisticated touch to even the most adventurous pieces. 

Source @elidaze

Picture frames can come in a wide range of colours and sizes, so make sure you carefully measure for the dimensions you’ll need, and take into account whether or not you’ll want space between the artwork and the frame itself.

All in the details

Last but not least, it’s important to spare a thought for the way you organise your bedroom too. Prevent clutter from being strewn across your desk, side table, and shelves by investing in small storage solutions that you’ll actually use. 

This could be anything from a cute cup to hold your pens, to a box for your cables and tech pieces, and everything in between. The trick is to be organised, but in a stylish way.

Christina Rae is a Senior Writer at Homes to Love, one of Australia’s leading online design destinations.

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