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5 Bookshelf Decorating Ideas

One of the most essential storage pieces to have in any home is a chic and functional statement bookshelf. No longer relegated to merely housing countless books and magazines, the modern bookshelf is a versatile piece of furniture that can be styled in a range of different ways to great effect.

Up the style stakes in your home by decorating your bookshelf with five of our favourite ideas…

1. Indoor Plants

With the indoor plants obsession going nowhere (and for good reason!), the humble bookshelf is now the perfect place for you to display your urban jungle. Just picture it, from trailing vines cascading down from the top shelf, to hardy succulents clustered in chic vignettes, your bookshelf instantly adds extra space for you to nurture your green thumb.

Source: PlantsbyBenny

Mix your plants in amongst travel mementos, coffee table books and statement ceramics to add a natural and fresh look to your shelves. Be sure to play around with textures, silhouettes and colour to add some variety – just be extra careful to not overwater.

2. Statement Ceramics

There’s a number of household objects to own that instantly take your style to the next level, while also making you feel Very Grown Up. These objects are the ones you don’t necessarily need, but you’ve probably spent countless hours scrolling through Instagram dreaming of them. 

Source: Taramilktea

Think, luxurious bedding, sets of silver cutlery and crystal glassware, as well as statement vases and ceramic pieces. A stylish and sculptural ceramic (whether practical, or simply aesthetic) can instantly tie any display on your bookshelf together, or stand proudly solo and make a bold impression.

3. Coffee Table Books

Well, it is called a bookshelf! Beautiful coffee table books are worth their weight in gold when it comes to styling your bookshelf, and for good reason. Not only are they a fantastic way for you to show off your interests and personality, but they tend to look absolutely incredible while doing so.

When it comes to choosing your coffee table books, the world is truly your oyster. If you’re feeling extra particular, though, make sure you love both the way the cover and the spine look. 

4. Artwork

While your walls may play host to your cherished collection of art, your bookshelf is also a prime opportunity to show off your taste on a smaller scale. Whether its statement artwork, treasured postcards or family photos, be sure to frame them for extra wow-factor. 

Source: Albon Averion

Cluster several pieces together to create an artistic vignette and be sure to play around with different heights, sizes, and styles of frames to add some variety. For added cohesion, try to link your artwork thematically as well.

5. Personal Knick-Knacks

When in doubt, look within. From your vintage record player to your beloved collection of sunglasses, the possibilities are endless when it comes to styling your bookshelf. 

Source: Paulpayasalad

Sure, it might seem a little eclectic at first, but placing your knick-knacks beside the rest of your bookshelf decor will instantly add a bold sense of personality to your display. 

Christina Rae is a Senior Writer at Homes to Love, one of Australia’s leading online design destinations.

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