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4 Bedroom Organising Tips To Transform Your Space

As soothing as it is to watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo over and over again, sometimes it can seem like keeping your bedroom organised is a never-ending and daunting task. To help you keep your bedroom in line, we’ve pulled together four organising tips that will make the process easier.

Declutter (semi) frequently

As the decluttering queen says herself, if it doesn’t spark joy – toss it. The key to keeping your home and your bedroom in tip-top shape is to, of course, prevent yourself from accumulating too much clutter to begin with. 

Semi-regular decluttering sessions will help you reassess what you do and don’t need and will inevitably result in less stuff, meaning you’ll have less to organise on the whole. You’ll also have the added bonus of creating extra space that’s perfect for that new jacket you’ve been eyeing.

To prevent you from feeling overwhelmed, why not consider decluttering a small section of your room at a time instead of tackling it all in one go? For instance, cull your wardrobe on one weekend and then tackle your bookshelf the next to prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed.

Choose the right furniture

The solution to keeping your bedroom organised doesn’t have to involve hitting up the two dollar store and buying dozens of mason jars to keep your belongings organised and Gram-ready. Taking extra care when you buy your big-ticket furniture items will actually serve you better when it comes to keeping your bedroom in order.

With the rise in small space living more and more furniture companies are coming out with multi-functional pieces of furniture that organically incorporate additional storage functions in their actual design. 

The Koala bed base, for instance, features a clever nook behind the bedhead to store extra pillows, and the Koala bookshelf features both open and closed shelves that are perfect for storing almost anything.

Make the most of every inch

This one sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised with how much extra storage space can be created with a little clever thinking. 

Make the most of your wall space with vertical storage options like tall bookshelves which take up minimal floor space while providing ample opportunity for your belongings.

If you have a bed base that’s suspended off of the floor, consider investing in tubs or baskets to tuck underneath – it’s the perfect place to stow away your wardrobe’s overflow, extra linen and towels, as well as shoes and miscellaneous belongings.

Everything in the right place

The golden rule of keeping your bedroom organised is to simply have a plan, and stick to it. 

Try and get yourself into the habit of doing a quick whip around just before bed to place your laundry in the hamper, pop your house keys where you’ll need them in the morning, and return whatever mugs and glasses you’ve stowed away back into the kitchen.

They say it takes two weeks to form a habit, so soon enough you’ll be keeping your bedroom neat and tidy without even having to think about it.

Christina Rae is a Senior Writer at Homes to Love, one of Australia’s leading online design destinations.

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