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2 Billion Trees

We love creating habitats for Aussies, including the furry kind!

The Australian bush is home to some of the most unique animals on our Earth, one of which is the koala.

Following the recent bushfires and ongoing habitat loss around Australia, as well as human development, koala numbers are in sharp decline.

In the blink of an eye, these unique species could be extinct as soon as 2050.

With the koala population already at tipping point, now is a more urgent time than any to act.

So there was an opportunity to work with Frank Binkley on his farm in Binna Burra putting in a koala corridor,’ Mitch Taylor, Founder Koala
‘…it’s only the start of a movement which we hope to see grow greater and greater.’

At Koala, we believe in improving and sustaining habitats for koalas, we’ve been that way since the beginning, but we want and need to start thinking BIGGER.

Together with WWF-Australia, we have a mission to plant & protect 2 billion trees in 10 years. That’s every Australian planting 83 trees every day!

We started by donating $10k to kick off the project but we need your help.

Be part of the change & plant trees with us. Together have the power to have a positive impact on our environment and future.


Take action and claim your tree! And tell your friends to do the same. #2billiontrees

Join the tree planting events in 2020 or donate $5 for us to plant a tree for you!

How we get towards 2 billion trees:

STOP excessive tree-clearing,
PROTECT our existing trees and forests, and
RESTORE native habitat that has been lost.

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