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Sleep comfier on Kloudcell®. The Koala Mattress Range.

Kloudcell® is what quality sleep is made of. With its superior support, breathability, responsiveness and durability, Kloudcell® is the closest experience to floating on a cloud that you can have. As Australia’s Most Awarded Mattress Range with over 50,000 five-star reviews⁶, falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer is as good as a sure thing.

Soft and supportive for cloud-like comfort

We’ve spent 8 years perfecting our unique Kloudcell® technology so you’re no longer forced to choose between soft or supportive comfort.

Kloudcell® gently supports broad surfaces like your back, whilst also providing unrivalled pressure relief across sensitive shoulders, hips, knees and feet.

It’s soft where you want it and supportive where you need it making it the best mattress for back sleepers and the best mattress for side sleepers. Shop now

Koala customers fall asleep 30% faster⁴

Breathable so you sleep cooler

In order to fall asleep our bodies need to cool down between 1-2 degrees celsius.

The open cell structure of Kloudcell® provides enhanced airflow, so you get that float on top feeling — unlike memory foam that sucks you in and traps heat.

Our proprietary Kloudcell® Mattress Foam sleeps up to 
40% cooler than popular memory foam alternatives1 making it the best mattress for hot sleepers. Shop now

Sleeps up to 40% cooler than popular memory foam alternatives¹